A Model Kidnapping



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 3 / 10

Exploitative and cheap by Lifetime standards

There is a cheapo exploitative horror feel about this thriller that seems out of place for Lifetime. An aspiring model gets lured into a photographer's out of the way place where she is held and forced to do risqué stuff. It's tedious and monotonous.

Don't bother.

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10

Warning, avoid this garbage at all cost!

I am a veteran of low budget film watcher, 35+ years experience in watching them, and I have seen many films with HALF the budget of this which have been much better than this (not to mention half the trash that Hollywood spews forth every year). Words cannot express how horrible this movie is. Script non existent as well as a plot. Bore yourself to death. Worse Than Passing a Kidney Stone. Are the actors even human? The list really does go on. The mystery will forever baffle me. Yet oddly depresses me too.

Reviewed by deedrala 6 / 10

Pretty good for a Lifetime flick...

...but very confusing at the end when Nicole either stabbed him (intentionally) or herself (accidentally)? It didn't make it clear who got stabbed - her or him?? When he came staggering out the front door, there were no stab wounds on his body, and he had the knife Nicole had used... Again, confusing. Also, the clerk/salesgirl at the shop they went to should've stood there on the sidewalk and gotten the license plate number before they drove away and called the police to report the shoplifting by Grace, since that was obviously why she had stuck the item in her pocket.

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