Better Off Dead...


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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John Cusack as Lane Myer
Elizabeth Daily as Elizabeth Daily
Amanda Wyss as Beth Truss
Curtis Armstrong as Charles De Mar
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Reviewed by tony-ritchie-965-605112 8 / 10

Funny 80s Comedy

Very funny comedy about growing up in the 80s. Silly at times but there is always a laugh. John Cusack is a hypocrite to complain about this movie possibly hurting is career. He has been a few questionable choices during his career while this gem enjoys a legacy and following of its own. Highly recommend if anybody has not seen it. Fun to watch during the Holidays with the Christmas and New Years references.

Reviewed by filmbufferx 8 / 10

Endlessly quotable 80s teen comedy ...

BETTER OFF DEAD is an impressively energetic debut feature for writer/director Savage Steve Holland. First time director Holland is conspicuously the new kid on the block as he saturates his film with so many ideas, a clear giveaway that he is yet to trust himself enough to release the reigns enough to let his movies breath. The results are spectacularly manic but it really works. Amidst the zany comedy and plentiful sight gags (the cereal boxes with all the giveaways cut out, for example), Holland throws in some amusing cel animation, a stop-motion fantasy sequence, and a cameo from Barney Rubble. Yet despite all the mania, the film's comedy has a level of discipline and restraint that ensures all the jokes land and humorous plot points established early on are satisfyingly resolved.

One of my favourite characters in the film is super-enthusiastic maths teacher Mr Kerber, played by late-great character actor Vincent Schiavelli. Telling maths formula jokes to his spellbound class, Schiavelli spins comedy gold using that discomfortingly warm tone that made him such a sought-after talent. His is one of several casting choices that are pitch perfect: John Cusak as the self-involved teen who wants to end it all when his vapid girlfriend (Amanda Wyss) dumps him for someone more popular; Laura Waterbury as the odious loud-mouthed neighbour and gas guzzling mother of shy bullish nerd Ricky Smith (perfectly played by Dan Schneider); Kim Derby as the timid clueless stay-at-home mom who makes slime-ridden meals that seem somehow sentient and slide off the plate by themselves (her "Frawnch" dinner party host is unforgettable); Curtis Armstrong ostensibly reprising his role from REVENGE OF THE NERDS gets the lion's share of one-liners and he delivers them with so much aplomb; Chuck Mitchell reprising his PORKY'S role is perfect as bad-tempered burger baron Rocko; Diane Franklin as the hapless frustrated French exchange student who is both a fairy godmother and the surprise love interest; monster child Scooter Stevens who wields newspapers as weapons and to whom two dollars means the world; and the super talented David Ogden Stiers as the priggish father attempting to bridge the generation gap with his checked-out son.

BETTER OFF DEAD is not for everyone and the film is most likely best enjoyed by those who lived through the 80s and understand its cultural peccadilloes, but if you have watched your fair share of 80s comedies like SCREWBALLS, 16 CANDLES, BACHELOR PARTY, PORKY'S, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, REAL GENIUS, ZAPPED, or POLICE ACADEMY, you might wanna give BETTER OF DEAD a chance. Who knows, after seeing how everybody wants some, you may just want some too!

Reviewed by statesofunrest 6 / 10

Good comedy but just okay otherwise

This movie was pretty good comedy-wise. I found myself laughing more than a bit, and I liked some of the creative things that they did in the story and with the technology at the time, such as when they used clay- mation to have a hamburger come to life Frankenstein-style and play guitar. However, I see the clich├ęs coming from a mile away in this movie in terms of story. It's hard not to see what's going to happen around every corner of this movie with romance and people getting their comeuppance when they deserve it. It's fine, really, it was made in the 80s after all and I guess they had a certain formula to them.

Anyway, this movie was really funny and I recommend it for its original comedy but as far as 80s ski movies go, you've seen one you've seen them all.

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