Cherry Falls


Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 11482


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DJ Qualls as Wally
Brittany Murphy as Jody Marken
Michael Biehn as Sherrif Brent Marken
Gabriel Mann as Kenny Ascott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hellholehorror 5 / 10

The twist was interesting

This is not the worst but also not the best. It is a middling horror movie. I was disappointed with the lack of gory killing but the implied violence is pretty cool. The twist was interesting the first time but once remembered it becomes a bit stupid. The idea of having sex to stay alive is a good one and the teen orgy was genius but still handled in a generic manner. Worth a watch for horror fans.

Reviewed by nicklevys 1 / 10


Even by slasher genre standards it's still bad.

Although the idea behind the movie is good by itself, I quickly realized that this film was nothing else than an excuse to put violence, teens and sex together.

The over acting is the worse of it all and seems to be the doing of the director because every actor in the movie does it.

There are NO scenes with a suspense build up. The end by itself is not the result of a tension build up and discoveries piling-up.

If it was the work of a college student in a fiction writing course, I'd feel generous giving it a D.

Reviewed by tstudstrup 1 / 10

Typical teen slasher flick

I only wanted to watch this, because of Michael Biehn, who is one of my all time favorite actors. But even the guy from The Terminator, Aliens and Tombstone, can't save this crap.

Besides from a pretty dumb plot with at twist that involves Biehns character, it has plot holes and really bad special effects, that can't be forgiven.

Plothole number 1: how can the killer possibly know for sure, which of his victims are virgins?

2: The sheriff (Biehn) drives to the house, where a woman he and three other boys raped 27 years earlier, lives. How did he know where she lives?

3: Then the killer, who is not the woman they raped, but her son disguised as his mother, not only makes it back to the town, before the sheriff. But he has also had time to kill the principal at the high school, which was one of the other rapists. How is that possible?

4: Why would the son avenging the rape of his mother and himself being beaten by his mother, by killing innocent high school kids? Why didn't he just go after the rapists right away?

5: Four men raped the woman, two of them conveniently moved away. If the killer went through all of that trouble, why didn't he track down and kill the remaining two rapists? Had the movie not been a teen slasher flick but an adult thriller about the 4 rapists and the killer, this might have been a decent film.

Michael Biehn is pretty much wasted here, considering how awesome he has been in other movies.

As far as the bad effects go: when the killer attacks the sheriffs daughter (the late Brittany Murphy) she throws him out of a window on to a balcony. hard enough to hurl him over a fence, that magically disappears so he can fall over the edge, only to reappear in the next shot. Then he falls down on a broken fence, that is literally painted on to the film, because it wasn't there when they shot the scene. The dumb teenage kids, who were having a sex orgy in the house stares in horror. One of them has a chopped off hand on top of his head and never notices it.

That pretty much sums up how bad this movie is.

Don't watch this unless you're as brain dead a teen, as the kids in this movie. Then you might actually enjoy this.

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