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Reviewed by SuperNewbee 5 / 10

battery/alternator power basics - FAIL

The movie was doing so well (by todays low movie standards) and then they had to pull the stunt with the battery power. Really, how is the viewer supposed to forgive the fact that 3 semi intelligent astrophysicists risked everything because none of them understood that they could get power from the car battery. Every person in the world knows this, so why was this stupidity scripted into the movie. It completely destroyed the credibility of the characters. Also it was unnecessary to use a Linksys WIFI card to store data on, when they could of just used a real hard drive. I still gave it 5 stars because it was ok until the battery incident, which is near the end of the movie.

Reviewed by boogdeborah 4 / 10

Im Going to Be Honest

I am going to rate this film up against the others within the science fiction genre regardless if its a first feature or not. There is no doubt the directors have talent to technically pull this off with no budget is something you don't see often (el mariachi had a 7k budget) . The best compliment i can give is it felt like i was watching a film. A film that was made with heart and passion behind it. The tone and vision of the film was clear to see. The camera movement was well thought out and precise. (Spielbergish, with a hint of zemeckis) ,The music was very good (i felt the movie relied to much on the music to push certain emotions which in turn felt forced) However there are several points where i feel cosmos missed the mark. One of them is the acting it felt stale in some parts which pulled me out of the story and halted the character development. The actor who played Mike Webster however carries the movie on his shoulders and turned out a solid performance. The movie did feel very long but i felt it was intentional a slow burn although i feel it might of benefited from cutting 20-25mins out. The story didn't capture me as i wanted it to, exposition was used a lot, for character development. And more tension building would of been welcomed. The films climax did yield some beautiful shots, but story wasn't enough to make me feel the emotion. Would i watch another film by these directors? That answer is easy...Yes i would!. The talent is undeniable the tone and vision of cosmos was nailed! and With a well thought out and developed story and script, With some help from experts within the industry. There is no reason these directors cant make a catalogue of films that are thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed by vicbendeck 5 / 10

It was great, then it was ok, then it was meh.

What we have here is a good attempt at making a decent film. The images and sounds were well done and the dialogue (for the most part) was well written and properly acted, making it a believable story. The characters appeared knowledgeable of what they were supposed to know (at least from the non-expert opinion), giving them depth. The emotional development is initially effective and well grounded. The same aspects that were its strength became its weakness as the story developed. When the director tried to inspire the viewer in motivational dialogues, with the music to match, it was then that the artifice failed, and the belief in the reality of its characters dissolved. Besides this, a couple of questionable instances of comic relief, as well as overemphasis for effects (ie a trembling dashboard to show speed) appeared unnecessary. Finally, the names were probably overstated (think The Room). In conclusion, the movie is watchable and the story is interesting, but be mindful that the pace may require additional patience and attention. Those who choose to watch it might appreciate an acceptably developed story and dialogue, with good visual and audio support. If you want a shocking or truly memorable film, this may not be your cup of tea.

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