Dirty Harry


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Clint Eastwood as Harry
Richard Lawson as Homosexual
Andrew Robinson as Killer
Max Gail as Tunnel Hoodlum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emm 8 / 10

Eastwood and his .44 Magnum blew away this original action classic!

In quoting these famous lines: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!" and "Go ahead, make my day!". They meant something for Clint Eastwood, turning from cowboy to hit man with a surge of raging anger and ambition. The mountain terrains became an urban metropolis, thus putting the guy off the saddle and into the bloody streets of San Francisco. Which makes DIRTY HARRY an incredible classic not to be missed, as well as Eastwood's shift to the action genre where society is run by evil. Its continuous impact of the events take place with a tight grip and a smooth pace. This remains to be one of the most entertaining experiences in classic movie history. All it takes is a cop over the edge and "The Most Powerful Handgun In The World".

Violence was the key factor of DIRTY HARRY, and continues to be violent even today. We've never come to see staggering sights of brutalities before, but it was made possible to heighten the overall realism of a dark San Francisco infested with crime. Another was the quality of Clint Eastwood's character as "Harry Callahan", which was obviously a breakthrough for him at the time. He is best described as a smart-talking cop who hated criminals and broken the laws in serving time for the police. A very unique character he was, for going by his own personal business and taking the job "dirty". The best acheivement goes for the cinematography. It sure doesn't look pretty, but the effectiveness of the dark renders this haunting where no place is safe enough to run or hide. The real winner is Don Siegel, for presenting the perfect atmosphere to shoot a picture that already had a premise driven by fear and anxiety, anger and tension. He sure hasn't done anything like this before, and possibly no movie had since then. Otherwise, we would have still been seeing these one-dollar Western shows in the afternoon!

Watch DIRTY HARRY today and you can see how the styles of moviemaking has evolved slow and easy, but it still packs a powerful bullet or two. If you've seen this six times or only five, you knew how lucky Clint Eastwood got the perfect part for being an all-new action star. This is the one, and original cop movie. And remember, this is "In Tribute To The Police Officers Of San Francisco Who Gave Their Lives In The Line Of Duty"!

Reviewed by John Brooks 7 / 10

Well made, Strong ending, Thick but Poignant

So the film certainly starts off slow. It looks like it's going to be a completely self-explanatory, ostensibly obvious and pretty painful watch with as predictable a development as the ending would be. It turns out that: no, that's just that first half hour. Gradually the film takes a hold of the viewer and drags him into a more enticing development of the plot, one that engages the public right into the thick of the film's crux. It's like the film at its core has a heavy weight to bear and wishes to unload the burden onto the viewer, who finds himself morally and emotionally committed to the lead character's dilemma: going by the letter of the law and following standard procedure - or - choosing what 'feels right' regardless of the institutions.

The film does a well enough job to not be as clichéd as you'd expect, to not be too linear with the plot which is praiseworthy since the film's entirety is really just one big premise (and 'Dirty Harry' so easily could've been a constant reiteration of the same scene over and over), and the protagonist despite being basically a comic book character still remains very relatable for his humanity which is also very much commendable. Strong ending with a very symbolic gesture which gives the whole all the more meaning and appeal, and you know a movie that ends well is infinitely more important than a movie that merely starts well (!).


Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 8 / 10

You Won't Get Dirty

It was ahead of its time and the viewers lapped it up! They still do even though it is dated with landlines and dress codes as well as clichés but it still holds for story-telling purposes. Andy Robinson makes an excellent guy to hate and between him and the supposed good guys it makes you want to watch this over and over. Clint not only had fun making this movie buy made money and his reputation. How fortunate for him and for us too. Right now they are offering 4-5 of his DVDs for $10 at the name brand stores. How can you say no? Good snack movie and also enjoy the music which is unique.

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