Harry Brown


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 81108


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Jack O'Connell as Marky
Michael Caine as Harry Brown
Sean Harris as Stretch
Emily Mortimer as D.I. Alice Frampton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alindsay-al 6 / 10

An above average revenge film

This film has a pretty interesting premise to it and with Michael Caine in the lead role I definitely wanted to watch it, This film is a decent revenge film but lacks much substance to it. The premise of the film sees a retired marine suffer a tragedy and attempt to fix it himself, Michael Caine plays the title character in the film and he does a great job. He provides as much depth to his character as he can and it makes you root for his character in the situations that he is in. He provides a strong performance which isn't a surprise considering how great an actor he is. The supporting cast is filled with actors which would go onto greater things, Ian Glenn and Liam cunningham have smaller roles in this film but they do a good job with what they are given. Emily mortimer plays the detective looking into the situation and I found her character to be pretty boring, she is just very by the book and nothing really stands out about her to make you care. The story is a very simple revenge film that works well as you see this older man dealing with the situation he has been put into. However, this film is very by the numbers and there just wasn't anything that really stood out to make me interested that much. The script has some decent drama in it that gets you more behind Caine and his crusade. This film has no humour on it, which does make some sense due to the subject matter but even some of the drama felt drab and again nothing very memorable. The style has some decent shoot outs in it that weren't afraid to show real world situations which impressed me. Though, the pacing of this film is pretty poor, it takes so long to get going and it jut can't get its momentum going and it severely hurts the film. Overall this is an okay action revenge film though there are better films to watch then this one.

Reviewed by That Man 8 / 10

Excellent Caine in convincing role, with great supporting cast

OK -Since Charles Bronson, there has been a MULTITUDE of 'doll-grey- nobody' grows into 'morrodung-avenger-kickass'. The opposition has been EVERYTHING.. I mean it.. Spiders Martians Mafias Voodoo Hindoo...(well maybe no that doo, but i weakly remember one with evil hairdoo's.. Oh well This one has Micheal Caine! Enough said! Genius reliable believable and just plain -Good! The script is mainstream: * Baddies do bad stuff * Goodies are hurt * Caine kicks ass That would pretty much be a recipe for a B% strait-to-video flick, but it is NOT. All participants are acting brilliantly, and the plot has the needed twists, to make it sufficiently different from the recipe. Its a great vigilante movie! 7+ from me.

Reviewed by EBJ 1 / 10

Don't Recommend


Directed by Daniel Barber

Starring ​Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer and Plan B(That is not a name)

Plot Overview: ​Soon after his wife dies, thugs kill one old ex- Marine's best friends, and he is not going to rest until they pay for it.

How is this movie rated so highly? I always rate a movie as objectively as possible and only rate 1/10 if I truly think a film deserves it, and I can 100% say that this film does. It is a travesty to cinema and I can but think of one, one, barely positive strength for this movie. It is a horrible, horrible movie and it is barbaric that it is rated so highly, in my opinion.

It was so stupid and convoluted and boring. Both too much and not enough time was spent on the 'script' for this 'movie'. Fun fact, too much time and too little time are mutually exclusive events. This means that they CANNOT, technically both be true simultaneously. But I'll be dammed if this film doesn't break the laws of existence and manages to perform the impossible. It is so, so bad. Even the ending is just plain awful and silly and stupid and REALLY poorly done.

Michael Caine is a terrific actor. He has been incredible in countless movies. This is certainly not one of them. This is, possibly, one of(if not his worst) movies were he is the lead. Granted that isn't all down to him. My singular, barely positive strength is that Caine isn't awful in this movie. That doesn't even remotely make his performance good. He just wasn't awful. And I am supposed to root for this guy? Not to say the thugs were angels but Brown was a literal psychopath. ​Emily Mortimer is ..... why is she in this movie again? Oh, there is no reason. I understand now. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that the writer, Gary Young, was out of his god damn mind when writing this script! ​ Plan B(Still not a god damn name) is atrocious as Noel. He wasn't intimidating and he mistook cursing for 'ardness.

I can't say this movie was poorly shot but something not being bad doesn't make it good. It wasn't poorly done but it wasn't well done. It was average, and that may be one of the worst film sins of all.

​ The 'action' in this movie is so, so, so bad. I mean seriously, it is slow, dull and boring. I understand Caine is a fossil but then don't use one of the dinosaurs as an action hero.

Harry Brown is really not a good movie in any regard. I cannot for the life of me recommend it. It is awful. I'll rate this movie 1 Psycho Pensioner out of 10!

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