Hold the Dark


Adventure / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Alexander Skarsgård as Vernon Slone
Riley Keough as Medora Slone
Jeffrey Wright as Russell Core
James Badge Dale as Donald Marium
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jribeiro739 8 / 10

Read the book after. Then watch again. Ending explained.

After watching Hold The Dark I felt compelled to read the novel by William Giraldi. After my first time watching the movie I was really left with many questions that needed answering. The movie was well shot and every scene seemed to keep me wondering how the movie would come to an end. After reading the novel I then understood the movie in its entirety. Here is the movie explained.

The Slones are twins! Throughout the movie there is always mention of how similar they look or how they have shared a long past. Medora in the beginning of the movie when answering Core about how long she knew him says "I can not remember a memory without him in it." When Vernon is ruffling through clues in the cardboard box as to where Medora might be there is a picture of a little boy and girl sitting on a dock. A picture of him and her, brother and sister. While in the motel where Vernon sleeps in the same room where Medora did, the receptionist mentions how they look similar and have a "Scandinavian" look. The man who sold wolfs oil to Vernon's dad also mentions how they have similar eyes and a similar nose. Them being twins is revealed in the book where the mother of Medora and Vernon helps Core at the end. When Core sees her face he then realized that she was the mother and that they were twins. Although they do show this in the movie it is not explained that she is the mother and that they are twins.

The use of the mask by both Vernon and Medora releases the "wolf" inside of them. Whenever there is a scene where the mask is worn, it ends up violent or deranged. In the book an elder gives the mask to Medora while she is pregnant with Bailey. She says that Medora must kill the baby for it will be sick. Despite Medora and Vernon's reluctance to listen to the elder, (Vernon actually kills her) Medora keeps the mask.

There is so much explained in the book then in the movie. The silent but ever bonding relationship between Vernon and Cheeon. The history of Medora and Vernon's father (whom actually commit suicide). How infanticide has been a regular occurrence in the past among primates and mammals.

Of course there is also much that is not explained and left to the viewer to decide.

Overall I feel the movie was consistent with the themes and characters protracted in the novel. The film like the novel, was captivating and left you wanting more. I don't feel the low reviews that this film has received in IMDB by some viewers is just. I think if they were to investigate a little further in order to find the meaning behind things then it would have had a better review.

Reviewed by michellelcalvert 6 / 10

Read the book if you are confused.

I read the book a few months ago and then discovered the movie on Netflix. The movie does follow the book fairly well, but the book just seems to explain things better and provide better background details so you don't feel so confused. I realized the ending of the movie skipped over a lot of details.

Blond woman who was in the hut helping Core recover from the arrow injury was the mom of the Medora and Vernon, who are twins and in an incestuous relationship. In the end, the twins wander off into the wilderness to live in secret and have another child to start over with. The first son's death is eventually simply accepted and the two move on. The mom provides them supplies. Throughout the movie there are implications about Medora messing with evil and such, and it's primarily because of her relationship with her brother and their child. She was instructed to kill her own child (I think by the wolf killer guy if I remember correctly), and she did. The wolf masks were more like curses in the book. The old lady who was killed was more of the local witch doctor or medicine woman who knew about the incest.

Very odd book, but the book definitely contains a better ambiance for understanding things.

Reviewed by ClaviculaNox 9 / 10

Beautifully Captivating

There are so much negative reviews but it's really beautiful. Most of the reviews written is because they didn't understand the plot of the movie or what it represents. It's a deeply dark movie on so many levels. It's a story inside a story, the mother killed her son because she was living in the dark. As her husband is her brother. Incist. And there are many implications and hints across the movie that shows that "indirectly." The scene when he was looking for his wife in the hotel, the woman said "you both have the same eyes and same hair" The Indian hunter said "your father said you are unnatural." The pictures inside the drawe, the second picture shows a bow and a girl sitting as a family by lake. The wolf mask, they both had it.

Medora talks early on about the "Dark" that comes at night, a suffocating absence of light that represents the unknown and seems to alter those around them. Simply put, the Dark is a name given to the line between humanity and ferality; in the movie, we see in this desolate landscape the humanity of wolves and the wolves in humanity. In the movie, this unspoken incestuous relationship and its thrust for survival is the plot key motivator. Indeed, it's why Medora killed their son - the act clearly parallels the wolves eating their own pup to keep the pack alive, with her trying to keep it going ahead of her husband's return - and explains Vern's conflicted hunt, outwardly powered by revenge but internally the part of something much more primal (as Russell says very early on, revenge is not nature's way).

I believe all the negative reviews is because they didn't understand the movie's plot in the first place. But really, this a beautifully dark movie on so many levels and I loved it.

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