Holiday Joy



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claramarieh 4 / 10

Cliché with bad acting

This movie is cute, but honestly very cliché. The same old "having a new life and realising I love my old life", as well as the typical high school setting with mean girls and cliques is starting to become old. The acting is also really bad for 85% of the time. Sweet story line and has a solid plot but other than that it's an average movie with mostly flat humour and bad acting.

Reviewed by Heather 10 / 10

Funny & Not Cheesy

This holiday movie will not give you trite rants about the holiday spirit or bombard you with clichés. Through the power of her tarot cards, a girl finds herself having the kind of life she envied, but realizes that everyone has to work hard to get what they want and that no one can earn friendships with everyone. Instead of moping, she takes responsibility and tries to adapt to her new lifestyle. The bond between her (Bailee Madison from Once Upon A Time) and her father (French Stewart from 3rd Rock From The Sun) is the biggest highlight. It is also important that she turns down advances from an emotionally abusive boy at school. It is an all-around feel-good movie.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

inoffensive holiday family movie

Joy Hoffsteder (Bailee Madison) has a dysfunctional family. Her single dad Bob (French Stewart) is over his head. She pines to be in her seemingly perfect neighbor's family. She's a band geek with only one friend. She gets picked on by the popular cheerleaders and has an unrequited crush on Tom. It's the Christmas holiday. She keeps picking Change from her deck of cards. Then she gets hit by a car driven by the 'perfect' neighbor Marcie. It's a body switched into Marcie's family. She becomes the popular volleyball captain with boyfriend Tom but things are not all good. Her new sister hates her. Her old best friend is scared of her. Her old family is a mess and she's not in love with her new life either.

This is perfectly fine for a simple family holiday. Bailee is good at playing the trying too hard character. She should steer into that persona. Everything else is fine. It's a Wonderful Life. It's all that but not as good. The production is a little better than TV movie level. Don't expect too much.

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