How to Get Girls



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David Koechner as Principal B.
Chris Elliott as Mr. P
Kate Flannery as Linda Fox
Chris Kattan as Mr. Fox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by docconnolly 9 / 10

One of the funniest comedies ever

Best I've seen in years. Can't believe all the conservative reviews. If I had seen the IMDb rating before I watched it, I would have passed it by and missed out

Reviewed by markleachsa-1 1 / 10

Embarrassingly bad

When I say embarrassing in the context of this movie, I'm not talking about the naked girls, or even the crusty old sex jokes about sex. It's a dirty joke, which is fine - but it's an unfunny dirty joke, which is a crime.

And in fact, that's what this is - an unfunny dirty joke, designed to get a giggle out of 12 year old boys.

The script and the acting are embarrassing. I'm talking your-mother-trying-to-comb-your-hair-in-the-office-on-your-first-day-at-the-job type embarrassment. Or how you would feel if your gran spit-cleaned your face when your girlfriend visited for the first time.

Cringeworthy acting and eye-rolling humour.

Reviewed by fr0w 3 / 10

Live Action Anime.

So this is what it would look like if 4chan wrote an live action anime movie. If it wasn't for veteran comedians needing work showing up sporadically, this would be completely unwatchable. Not sure if the lack of any real oversite ruined or made it the least bit original. Often confusing edgy with awkward. It seems like this probably made a lot of people embarrassed to watch and be in... hope there is a sequel.

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