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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Elizabeth Olsen as Marie Sebastian
Rami Malek as Browning
Sharlto Copley as Adrian / The Stranger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dsuneps 9 / 10

I Accidentally Watched This (Not Original) And It Was Great!

I was casually scrolling the IMDB Top 250 and minding my own business when I stopped at Oldboy (2003) - a few moments later, I jumped on the movie, which, by mistake, turned out to be this American remake of the 2003 film (who could've known that Americans are going to make a remake exactly 10 years later??) - and I was not disappointed!

Without seeing the original film (and not knowing any spoilers), I was entertained through the whole film. I imagine people seeing the original movie and knowing the amazing plot could leave bad reviews, but if you don't know what's going on, then this movie just works.

Bottomline, beware if you have seen the original (2003), and if you haven't, expect a thrilling ride on this 2013 remake of the original.

Reviewed by CousinBagunca 7 / 10

Nice remake with a new modern tone. Nothing outstanding.

This one is a mixed bag. First things first, Old Boy (2013) is an American adaptation from a Korean homonimous movie and, from what I can gather, it gives it a fresh tone, erasing all sorts of Eastern fantasy stuves the Korean flick had; but don't get me wrong, it's all fantasy.

It's a movie you just watch. You have no sympathy for the main character, since he's a douche at first. You pretty much just want to know what is going on and why. And if you've watched the original, you'll be in for a surprise.

All in all, good flick, entertaining, kinda nonsense, but nice.

Reviewed by ajaybaliyan 7 / 10

Josh Brolin at his best

Seriously I was never a fan of original Oldboy(2003) movie..but this Spike Lee movie was a blast.Josh Brolin gave one of his best performance as an arrogant and carefree person who realizes his mistakes when he was confined to a small room for 20 years.The action sequences are very great. Sharlto Copley as the antagonist was best suited for the role..especially his smile-less expressions can't be matched by anyone.He is shown very confident on his future course of action that his patience level at every scene is quite justified.Of course we can never forget Mr. Samuel L Jackson as Chaney-the kidnapper.His comic timing (which was actually not portrayed as comic) is also praisable.Specially the conversation with Joe while his torture i.e "I swear, I don't know nothing'! I swear before God and eight motherfuckin' white people! " was very well timed.But the climax and end of the movie steals the show when he handover all the money to mia and go back to chaney for imprisonment shows the salvation achieved by Joe Doucett.

In all it was a very satisfied movie and expect a sequel to the same.

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