Primal Fear


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 170510


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Maura Tierney as Naomi Chance
Edward Norton as Aaron
Laura Linney as Janet Venable
Richard Gere as Martin Vail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Glassgrl 7 / 10

Great Acting - Terrible Plot Flaw

This review will contain a major spoiler, so if you haven't yet seen this movie, please read no further. First, the acting in this movie was spectacular. I don't care for Laura Linney, but that is just my personal preference and I know she is well liked. Otherwise, the acting was strong across the board and Edward Norton was a standout.

The thing that bothered me most about this movie was its fatal plot flaw - a flaw that caused me to go back and read the book on which this movie is based in the hopes that there was an explanation that was omitted from the movie. If Aaron wasn't really slow/had no stutter, then when and why did that act start? If he had been faking that persona from the time he came to town, why? At that point there would have been no motive for the murder at the core of the movie. If he didn't start the act until after the murder, there would have been SOMEONE who knew him that would call him out.

It is easy to suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride of this movie even with this issue, but it is something that always bothered me.

Reviewed by sweetfleeting 7 / 10

a review

Edward Norton should win a Oscar.Edward Norton should win a Oscar.Edward Norton should win a Oscar.Edward Norton should win a Oscar.Edward Norton should win a Oscar.

Reviewed by blumdeluxe 8 / 10

A courtroom thriller

"Primal fear" tells the story of a young man accused of having murdered a cardinal due to unknown reasons. When a successful attorney takes his case, he soon begins to believe in his client and tries to find a way to help him out of what seems to be a desperate situation.

The movie caries many characteristics of classic courtroom movies. It focuses on the legal side, more than on the work of the police or certain investigators. It starts with a very confusing case, sheds some light on different aspects of what happened and delivers many twists to keep the audience surprised. Some of them are really brutal and lead you into totally false assumptions, others are maybe a bit worn-out. Indeed I find it interesting to find Edward Norton playing a character that comes quite close to his probably most famous role here several years in advance.

All in all it is a very skillfully produced film that beautifully knows how to create tension and misguide audiences. For me it is not necessarily on the top level of films because it still tells a rather basic story with quite a few stereotypes and doesn't deliver too many deep thoughts. But it is, in fact, one of the best thrillers I've seen in a while and surely one of the best ones that play in a courthouse.

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