Puff, Puff, Pass



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Terry Crews as Cold Crush
Ashley Scott as Elise
Jaleel White as Tenant #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geny82 6 / 10

Not that bad

If you go into watching this movie looking for the pothead humor of Half Baked or even That 70s Show, you will not find what you are looking for. By that I mean there is no "Man I am so high" giggle giggle jokes. Although there is a fair share of toilet humor, literally. The acting, in my opinion was good. There is nothing I hate more than an actor playing up to all the stereotypes to make themselves seem "intoxicated." Smoking marijuana may not make you the smartest person around, but you can still function. With the writing, it seems like they were trying to make built in catchphrases, by repeating the same lines at several points. It's not like they were randomly spoken, they fit every time. I just don't see them getting to be as big as say, "Your mom goes to college." But who thought that that would catch on? Irreguardless, I'm sorry, regardless, it is a decent movie. A good example of why a movie should go direct to DVD. It's likable, just not a blockbuster hit. It's good marketing not to waste money advertising it. The people that are going to see it know about it and are going to rent it or buy it either way. It's complex.

Reviewed by stephensandrew 10 / 10

Excellent modern Cheech and Chong mirror movie! MUST SEE!

This movie was absolutely wonderful, A modern day Cheech and Chong film without remaking one.

It will have you rolling on your sides with laughter and comparing it to your own life the next minute.

This movie is more down to reality on earth than anything else being produced today, it is a day in the life of most modern Americans and isn't filled with a bunch of unrealistic dreams and fabrications of how life really is.

It was written extremely well and the flow of the film beats any of the blockbuster junk Hollywood spits out today.

The story line is something real that real people can relate to.

Shawshank Redemption Baby! All weekend long, ha ha! ha ha! A MUST SEE!

Reviewed by poserman-mailinglist 7 / 10

it was nice

excuse me for my terrible English. it isn't my first language.

i watched this movie last week, after rolling a few joints. i thought it was hilarious. yesterday, i watched the movie again, but this time there wasn't any weed involved. i still thought the movie was funny, even though it's a very very low budget movie.

i like to smoke weed, and maybe that is the reason why i can laugh about these jokes. i don't think this movie will be a favorite of any person, but i think most people don't like the idea of watching a movie that contains 2 people smoking weed.

i gave it a 7, just because it made me laugh.

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