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Selena Gomez as Kate
Jamie Chung as Lisa Martin
Anton Yelchin as Quentin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcella-70926 9 / 10

loved this movie

William H Macy directing, Billy Crudup Anton Yelchin,Felicity Huffman?? Can't go wrong with any of them. It made me laugh cry,i was surprised angry AND absolutely in love with the originality of the story line and saw things from a different perspective. It wasn't just about 1 guy, one kid, one loss. It is really a great movie and I could and I have watched it once a month since I found this little gem last year. It truly is one of my favorite movies. If you get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend doing so. Loved it.

Reviewed by jeremiah nair 9 / 10

A movie that will provoke us to think about consequence

I must admit, I was planning to be on my cellphone while watching this but I decided that I had to pay tribute to the late Anton Yelchin. I was shockingly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. Billy Crudup is good as he usually is but Yelchin was good, he made the movie more sincere I thought. Fishburne was a nice little addition to the cast that gave the movie a bit more star power.

I say this is a movie to think about consequence but we never really understand what our actions will give birth to later on in our lives. We think that we are just living individually but this movie shows that what we do echoes on for a long time. The son's actions had a very big wave of consequence and this was felt throughout the movie by Crudup's character, you always got and uneasy feeling of restlessness from him and this is what made Crudup so good, he embodied what it would be like to be the father or someone who committed such a heinous act. If it was not for this he would not have found his love for music or the perspective it provided in a rough time of his life.

This is not so much a review I know but if anyone is struggling with a life decision I think 'Rudderless' is a great movie to watch.

Reviewed by Brodie Burns 8 / 10

This movie is a boat with a rudder being directed to a hopeful end.

The movie starts out by introducing us to a young man, Josh, playing music in his college dorm. We are also introduced to the young man's father, Sam, sealing a deal at his business. We see Sam calling up his son so that they can meet up and celebrate his deal. It quickly takes a turn when we find out Josh did not make it to meet up with his father, and instead lost his life. Sam quickly finds out on the news at the bar he was waiting to meet at that his son died in a shooting at the school's library.

Most of the movie takes places two years after Josh's death and centers around Sam and the aftermath of the tragedy. Sam receives his son's music from his ex-wife. He comes in contact with another side of his son in his music. He is consumed by this version of his son that has been overtaken by all the negative voices speaking of his son. This version is personified almost by this new young man that enters his life, Quentin, who loves the songs his son wrote. It's a troubled soul that is crying out for help in some of the songs I think.

Pretty much everything about this movie is excellent. The songs are beautifully written, musically and lyrically. It gives you a unique perspective as the parent of a school shooter. The performances are superb. The cinematography is notable. Lawrence Fishburne is awesome.

At the start of the last third of this movie, you are hit with "the big twist". His son was the bad guy. Most people don't see it coming. It's written exceptionally well, it really sets you up to believe that Josh was an innocent victim, but at the same time it lets you come to that assumption on your own. Having watched it multiple times, there are definitely some subtle hints that he was the shooter.

This movie prompts discussion about a number of things, art, loss, grief, music, etc.. if you like talking about movies and the subjects they bring up with your movie watching partners, then this is a good one.

The separation of art from it's artist is an example of one of the things we discussed. Would you listen to music or rock out to it at a show if you knew it was written by the Columbine shooter? Brock Turner? Hitler? John Wayne Gacy? No, probably not.

It could be music about anything; a nice day at the park, a special happening, a blooming romance, but when it is revealed to you that it's creator has done terrible things, would you still listen? That's where the viewer finds himself in this movie. The son of the main character who wrote most of the songs that his dad plays shot and killed 6 students at his college. Even after the "big reveal" I think it makes you question whether or not it is okay that his music is shared with the world. Before you reveal, you're like, of course. It's cool that his dad is playing his songs! Why are they having a problem with this? It could be because he's gone and they aren't really his songs, but then again you're not sure.

Ultimately, I think this movie is about healing. Healing through a devastating loss. The healing in this movie occurs with the aid of music and a few new relationships. He starts the sad descent into hopeless despair rudderless, but by the end of the movie, I believe he has found his course, his solace, his peace. He has made his impact. The truth has been revealed. Some healing has occurred.

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