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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Phillip21 7 / 10


An excellently filmed and acted movie that kept my attention throughout. However, watching this at the time of the Australian bushfire crisis I was somewhet repelled, near the movie's start, by seeing the lead character throw an empty plastic water bottle into what looked like dry grassland under a blazing sun without any adverse comments from the other characters (unless I missed something!). For that reason I gave this seven stars rather than eight.

Reviewed by jaredcollum 8 / 10

Great watch!

Great addition to a night in. Good story telling and not too obvious! Would absolutely reccomend.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

its hot in the spanish countryside

Its a psycho-horror drama flick about an american hippie-backpacker going rural to find his vanished friend, that ends up in a nightmare, because he turned down the wish of a hot sunburned spanish woman, that gave away her heart but was sent back in return. so let the moral be, do not even think about letting a spanish girl down, then shell let you run the devil on the spanish highway.

its a slow flick with some acceptable acting, a suspencefull score, and a beautiful filmography.

but its not one for the grumpy old man, he's far too restless , but its still a recommend if you like psychophobia.

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