Then Came You


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 7 10 5129


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Nina Dobrev as Izzy
Peyton List as Ashley
Asa Butterfield as Calvin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chubbygirl-06930 10 / 10

Death has never been as blunt and honest

The first half of the movie, I previously thought, was superficial. Skye and Calvin had so much dynamics together yet it could have been executed in a way that viewers could find it more profound. While Maisie Williams had an amazing performance, Asa Butterfield's acting fluctuates throughout the movie.

However, the second half shows why it deserves a 10 stars for me. In theatre, this type of illness-death story has been told plenty of times, creating a good number of conventions and cliche for the genre. This movie gives you something completely different. It depicts a beautiful and wonderful platonic friendship that people have rarely seen even though we desperately need one (despite the fact that deep down inside, we still ship them because of the chemistry they had together). In addition, it deals with cancer and death in the most brutal yet very blunt and honest way, which hits you really hard at your emotion.

I love the direction it chose to take. It's cute and vibrant and filled with energy, even till the last minute of the movie, despite how tough the problem they were dealing with.

Personally, as a person around their age who is also working on figuring out myself, I relate to them considerably and feel inspired significantly by this movie. It's an important one. One that I would love to recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by lyntonm 8 / 10

Asa Butterfield shines. An emotional ride.

I recently decided to watch this after having seen Asa Butterfield's role in "Sex Education" on Netflix and thinking he was an amazing actor. His work in this film is no different.

The story lacks substance in some parts, but throughout the movie, you grow attached to the relationship between Butterfield (Calvin) and Maisie Williams (Skye.) The story is cheesy in parts and at times Williams put me off, but there's no denying Butterfield's depth of character in that he conveys emotion so well, albeit awkwardly at times and makes the viewer fond of him.

The film contains some great heart-warming moments, some which we can all identify with while still providing the occasional laugh.

Reviewed by dhananjay-s2593 10 / 10

Amazing movie and story

Really love the store line and the characters in the movie. The story is very deep and really hit you in the emotions. Amazing work with the characters

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