Viking Legacy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tommyshaw-95611 1 / 10

What was this

This movie starts out with some absolutely terrible acting between the main actress and someone with a terrible accent who somehow survives a fire with nothing but a burn on his face only to have his head cut off seconds later. The awful acting continues through out the film, an they try to make you forget about it by adding gore to the short and poor fight scenes. There is no chemistry between the two main actors and the film consists of them walking through trees asking each of the questions that seem to lead to nowhere. There is nothing that I can honestly say stands out in this movie other then the fact that the acting is dreadful.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10

Whispers and Ghosts

The background to the story: The Vikings had these 7 scrolls (not rings) that "gave power and prosperity to those who possessed them." But apparently not enough power as the Christians sacked the villages and took them. They were given to a Celtic king, who likewise was killed and the scrolls were given to monks as well as the king's daughter. There is a prophecy that involves the offspring of "pure royal blood" whatever that was in those ages as royalty was a crap shoot. The dead king's daughter, Orla (Hollie Burrows) trained by monks is finally grown up as the Vikings have finally figured out where the scrolls are located. The monastery is being sacked as Orla escapes with a book. The monks who likewise had the powerful scrolls were also killed. Sorry for that opening plot spoiler.

I guess there were 200 Vikings, but they were almost all killed in a battle with the indigenous. A great fight scene they don't show us, just a clearing (battlefield) with a sword stuck in the ground. Sven (James Cooke) the traitorous son of the Viking King helps Orla because....umm....he is an honorable Viking? The 200 Vikings is now 4 or 5...just enough for a low budget film. Sven carries a hatchet but they call it an axe...just imagine it is larger.

My favorite line: "I will find you. I swear by the last breath of Odin." Yup that was convincing. Acting and lines went missing with the 200 Vikings.

Guide: No swearing...other than that Odin thing. Implied sex. Male butt nudity. Dark night near nudity.

Reviewed by edstromsky 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

I am so glad I only spent $1.50 on Renting this B movie from Redbox. The acting is horrible. The only reason why I watched the movie for 20 minutes was the leading actress is very cute. Other than that the nothing noteworthy. If you live in Siberia or Alaska stuck inside side 1/2 the year maybe this might be one of the last movies You watch.

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