Wild Rose


Comedy / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 6396


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Julie Walters as Marion
Sophie Okonedo as Susannah
Jamie Sives as Sam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

Life Is About Compromise

"Wild Rose" is perhaps a little formulaic, but I really liked the message it lands on at the end, which is that life is a series of compromises, and while few of us will ultimately achieve our dreams (if we have any to begin with), the alternative is not necessarily a life of dullness and misery.

No, despite what movies would have us believe, there is something in between. "Wild Rose" wraps things up a bit too patly -- in my actual personal experience I have not seen people as selfish as this film's heroine is suddenly turn things around and re-order her priorities. But it's nice to think that it's possible, and this is one of those films that reminds me that sometimes I turn to movies not to show me how things actually are, but how things could be.

Jessie Buckley is phenomenal in the title role. It takes a special actress to make a pretty unlikable character sympathetic and worth two hours of your time. Julie Walters is also wonderful as her fed up mom. Sophie Okonedo is stuck playing the film's most unrealistic character, a woman who is simply too good to be true.

I also liked that this movie, even if cursorily, examines the gulf that exists between people's romanticized perceptions of the entertainment world and the harsh realities of it. Anyone with an ounce of talent thinks they're special and the entire world will recognize it if they can just get their break. The reality is that talented people grow on trees, and you're most likely going nowhere if you don't know the right people and how to play the game.

Grade: A-

Reviewed by Chatblater009 10 / 10

Movie of the year!

The best movie of the year : I'm still buzzing after the preview.

Uplifting movie that embraces the human spirit. What going to the cinema is all about.

Reviewed by chris_rowe-881-168820 3 / 10

Let's be honest, this film lacked real heart

Ok, I'll prefix this with a strange one, all acting was great, they all played their part however the story or lack of one for me made this a really hard to enjoy film.

To me these type of films have the big moment where the hardness falls away and you endear to the characters decision to be a better person or do the right thing, this didn't really happen. Everything was badly written to just get the character from a to be to c for the storyline.

A key issue was the fact she is massively hard to like, all the bland journalism reviews of raw etc are semi true, we don't know her life beyond her being banged up for getting hammered and throwing drugs into a prison so without a real back story bar being from the poorer side of the spectrum she is just an a hole. She's not someone likeable, she's ungrateful to the ridiculous character making her dreams come true for no reason, she lets her down yet is forgiven. She at no point became the good person! She improved slightly at things she should've been doing before. Without a huge hard knocks back story she just really is a brat. A common selfish person who says things that you can't justify, weren't done for any other reason than selfishness. Terrible mother and at no point bar a hug really ever seems to care about the kids, even the crying speech was guilt not realisation.

The woman she cleaned for inexplicably gave her an in to the one country music guy in the country, how lucky, bought her an expensive train ticket then offered to raise 5k to get her to USA, what awful writing, no rhyme no reason, the lead was rude and swore in front of her kids, stole alcohol, drunk at work and really did very little if anything to create a bond to justify that benevolence. It is just lazy and extremely frustrating, just a tweak to get her more likeable would of made than more realistic. Again with her mom giving her money, felt forced and a huge flip on character to necessitate the story rather than follow a plot.

The story overall is there isn't one, she's a selfish ex con who cares very little about her kids, gets an in with a music guy which realistically adds nothing to her career, gets two ways in to Nashville, goes and again gets very little from the experience. To go home to sing in front of the home town about how there's nothing like home. She clearly hates Glasgow yet again flips and loves it.

I hate how these films get reviewed on silly things when on basics they're awful, it lacks heart, character chemistry is none existent between absolutely all characters, not one relationship felt real, poor child actors, Julie was class as always. Accents too hard to understand clearly even on loud volume.

It's extremely dull, heartless and not funny at all, at no point do you want her to succeed, I actually hated her, she's got a great voice and plays the part but the part sucks! It's literally a pointless pointless film. I was so excited as musical films are a love of mine, fisherman friends was class.

With tweaks this could've been an epic, I feel they tried to not be super conventional and do it slightly differently but to me it killed the key points to make this sort of film a success, overrated hugely.

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