Dog Days


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 3814

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Nina Dobrev as Elizabeth
Lauren Lapkus as Daisy
Eva Longoria as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 6 / 10

Nice story ,, wouldn't say a perfect family movie but it was somewhat enjoyable

Not the worst dog story i'v watched ,, i mean to be honest i watched it because i like Vanessa Hudgens (side note, i wish they didn't cancel her show , Powerless ) ,, anyway ,, the movie has a nice heartwarming, Awh moment story ,, especially at the end ... I was not hilarious but it has some funny bits ,, i mean the bloopers in the credits were funny too ;)

cast wise ,, the cast were all known to me "comedy field" and they all were funny in their own way from Hudgens to Rob Corddry, Adam Pally, Ryan Hansen and Thomas Lennon ,,

So to wrap it up,, the movie was okay ,, and it is actually a nice family movie ,, so i'd say recommended.

Reviewed by beep-73926 3 / 10

Sappy and Dumb

The cinematography and editing are good but those are about the only aspects of the movie that recommend it. What we have here is yet another movie written by women that makes men look like idiots. The only male not portrayed as a fool is the "hot" veterinarian.

Give me a break with this trend, okay? What do these obviously angry and/or disappointed women hope to accomplish with all the male-bashing? It most certainly will not improve their prospects for a happy relationship. Poor rich American women -- am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Forget it. Too many of you are just spoiled brats.

Reviewed by jgeorge4 8 / 10

Schmaltzy, Predictable, Wonderful

Yeah, it's about as schmaltzy as a movie can get. Yeah, it's about as predictable as February snow in Minnesota. But ultimately, it's a wonderful movie and families will really enjoy this.

By far the best part of this is Charlie the dog, and the dynamic between Dax, his pregnant sister, and his brother-in-law. Dax's flippant stoner vibe may have saved the movie from completely drowning in estrogen and banality.

If the schmaltziness becomes simply too much, just let it go and focus on the dogs (I like dogs). 8/10 stars and a great family movie.

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